How to Dojo

This is where you can find curriculum resources to conduct sessions in your Rationality Dojo.

Suggested Format for a two-hour Dojo

Accountability Goals [5 mins]

Classic Session [25 mins]

Classic Session [15 mins]

Classic Session [15 mins]

Break [5 mins]

New Session [25 mins]

New Session [25 mins]

Lo-Hi Takeaways [5 mins]

Hamming Questions [15 mins]

Epistemic status : Anecdotally strong

The Hamming Questions unit is a classic session that can be regularly repeated in order to calibrate where the most leverage can be gained by applying cognitive effort. It is based entirely on a single anecdote, which has proven to be moving and revelatory for a large percentage of people.

We encourage participants to regularly ask “the Hamming question.” Checking in on the match between your beliefs and your actions is a reasonable thing to do a few times a year. It can lead to increased motivation, positive shifts to better strategies, and a clearer sense of where your deepest priorities lie.

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Bugs List [20 mins]

The way we think is often seen as software of the body. And just like in software, there are often glitches, known as bugs. These show themselves as areas in our life with problems. A great way to get all the stress out of your head and into writing.

Resolve Cycles [7 mins]

A super simple technique.

Pick a thing you'd like to solve.

Try to solve it, in 5 minutes.