Katerina Morjanoff

Meet Katerina Morjanoff

Am a bit of a nerd (with my colour-coded bookshelves!) and much prefer being behind the scenes than up on stage. Enjoy creating a system to help speakers and event planners do more of what they do best.

Have met a lot of awesome people through traveling the world, and tend to be a little 'professionally incorrect' about it. Touched Trump's hair, spent 3 weeks in India in silence, convinced billion dollar VC Vinod Khosla to disco, however can be quite shy in moments too.

Co-founded StartNest coworking space, for technology companies on Sydney's North Shore and brought it into cashflow positive territory within 6 months.

Represented Australia in Ice-skating at 15 across Europe and bring the intense lessons learned from sports psychology into the business world.

Co-authored a best-selling book, "The Relationship Age" written on the topic of engagement marketing. The book rose to #1 in three Amazon.com categories.

Appeared in National Media including:
The Australian, SBS, Australian Financial Review, StartupSmart, ABC Radio, ABC TV, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, Yahoo Finance, Financial Review Boss Magazine, Amnesty International Magazine, Front Page of Sydney Morning Herald and syndicated papers around the nation.

My motto is:
Challenge the status quo, provoke the unprovoked, and ask a zillion questions to anyone willing enough to entertain them.

Specialties: Direct Response Marketing. Research. Psychology. Behavioral Economics. Business Strategy. Hiring Practices. Personality Profiling. Business Management. Public Speaking. Events.