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Most Dojos are currently run monthly on a sat or sun afternoon. Make sure to reach out to the Dojo Director to confirm details and your attendance.

Rationality Dojos are being added as we expand throughout Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.

We offer private Dojos which can be run for your organisation or team to increase productivity and mitigate bias.

It's one thing to know that a concept is true or useful, with one's reflective, reasoning brain. It's another thing to truly *believe* that a concept is true or useful—to feel *motivated* to use it, to *remember* it in the moment despite all of our flaws and biases.

A dojo is a house of practice, a place for us to wrestle with new thoughts and new mental algorithms, finding out which ones work through actual experiment, and ingraining them until they become second nature.

Sydney Rationality Dojo

  • Humanist House - 10 Shepherd Street, Chippendale NSW 2008
  • Dojo Director: Eliot Redelman - 0438 481 143

Canberra Rationality Dojo

  • ANU (Australian National University) Library ACT 0200
  • Dojo Director: Alexa Baker - 0424 477 339

Melbourne Rationality Dojo

  • Ross House, 247 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Dojo Director: Chris Waterguy - 0439 471 632

Adelaide Rationality Dojo

  • Location on request
  • Dojo Director: Anna Lee - 0430 377 525

Perth Rationality Dojo

  • Location on request
  • Dojo Director: Paul Castle - 0402 595 943

1-on-1 Sessions

Some of our leading rationality specialists offer individualised sessions in person and online.


Eliot Redelman

Sydney and online

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Chris bw

Chris Waterguy

Melbourne and online

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Katerina Morjanoff

Sydney and online

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Nick Brown

Nicholas Brown

Canberra and online

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Lachlan Cannon

Sydney and online