We facilitate the development of Rationality Dojos throughout Australia.

What is Rationality?

Rationality is the art of improving how we think.

Rationality is more than just learning to avoid bias. Rationality is about maximising our cognitive potential in all domains. It means gaining willpower and knowledge. It means training yourself to be the sort of person you want to be.

We value truth over comfort, and results over effort, but effort over apathy.

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The science behind Rationality

When cognitive scientists talk about rationality, they’re talking about two things:

Epistemic rationality means forming beliefs about the world as accurately as possible, given the available evidence.

Instrumental rationality means figuring out the best way to reach your goals, given your own beliefs and desires, and then getting yourself to act on those plans.

What is a Rationality Dojo?

A dojo is a place where the way of rationality is practiced. It's a venue for cultivating our minds toward the skill of self-change so that our minds come to work better for us in every domain.

A Rationality Dojo is not about telling you what to do. It's about pointing out where you might look. It's about training, practicing, and growing, such that finding the answers to these questions is easy (or at least easier), now and in the future.

Rationality dojo is not just for particle-physicists, mathematicians, and brainiacs. It's for those want to be better today than they were yesterday, better tomorrow than they are today.

It takes practice to form new mental habits, just like learning a martial arts skill, we want to build form.

Center for Applied Rationality (CFAR) is where many of our resources and information come from. Most Rationality Dojos include a CFAR Alumni or two and they bring the skills learnt into their Dojos as well as constantly seeking new material and bringing expertise from their own life experiences.

Here are just some of the clients CFAR has collaborated with.

For more on rationality, you can read the Twelve Virtues of Rationality, or What Do We Mean By “Rationality”?.